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Image Type Manufacturer Model Price
Earth Drill Others CDH700C Ask

Serial: 36127HC2 / Operating Time: 2,300

Year: --
Delivery Place: Nagoya
Terms of Delivery: Ex-Go-Down

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Tokyo sahriyo crawler drill (HYDRAULIC CRAWLER DRILL) CDH-700C
Serial number: 36127HC2
2,303 hours

[Engine used]
Mitsui Germany Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.
Model: F6L912
Output: 103ps 76kw
Rotation speed: 2300PMR
Output classification: B
Earth Drill NIPPON SHARYOU DH508-105M Ask

Serial: -- / Operating Time:

Year: 1990
Delivery Place: --
Terms of Delivery: Ex-Go-Down

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Used Pile driver/Earth Drill,32meter
Maker:NIPPON SHARYO:DH508-105M(105 T0n)Year:1990
Status:Good working condition
Location :Japan .
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